Anti-Money Laundering Policy

This policy is the Anti Money Laundering (AML) Policy of  Any questions relating to this policy should be directed to International House, 24, Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BN, United Kingdom

Money laundering is where proceeds of crime are disguised so to give the appearance of a legitimate income. takes any form of illegitimate use of their services seriously and will not tolerate any client abusing their services for such matters.

If suspects that any of its clients is abusing their services for the purposes of money laundering or any similar practices, they reserve the right to suspend the users account and freeze any funds pending the outcome of an investigation without informing the client. reserves the right to report any suspicious activities to the National Crime Agency, the police or any other relevant authorities without the client's knowledge.

In accordance with the current industry best practice guidelines, has:

·                       established a risk based approach towards assessing and managing the money laundering risks to its business;

·                       established and maintain risk based customer due diligence and obtain identification and proof of address which includes enhanced due diligence checks for customers which may present a higher risk, this will be determined at the sole discretion of;

·                       established and maintain risk based systems and procedures to monitor ongoing client activity; and

·                       have procedure for flagging and reporting suspicious activity.

As part of our AML Policy, any client agreeing to use our service should also be prepared to provide any documentation collected by as part of their customer due diligence to a bank, law enforcement, government or regulatory authority.

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